Andorra is a Principality that has a unique location and guarantees a great quality of life.

In the middle of the Pyrenees, with conserved natural spaces, Andorra is very accessible both from France and Spain.

The political system is unique in the world: a parliamentary Principality. This feature allows you to enjoy a favorable tax system.

Its crime rate is one of the lowest in the world, and its high security is guaranteed by the police services that ensure respect for the freedoms and individual rights of inhabitants and visitors.

Andorra has high quality boutiques and department stores, three different educational systems, quality health system and high quality sports facilities dedicated to sports and wellness.


Buying property in Andorra is very easy, but there are some restrictions for foreign buyers.
 The necessary documentation for the purchase and sale operations, upon resolution of a purchase permit granted by the Government of Andorra, is as follows:
 The purchaser of the property must be of legal age.
The buyer must have an identity card or legalized or apostilled identity.
The buyer must prove that he has no criminal record in the country of origin or the country of the last -apostille- of stay.
The purchased property had to be built with an authorization from the Government of Andorra and complies with current standards
The issuance of a permit to a foreigner to purchase property under the public deed is done on the basis of a certificate issued by the head of government.
 Expenses related to the purchase of the property.
 The costs relating to the purchase are as follows:
 The 4% sales tax to government (ITP). This tax is paid separately in front of the notary public office at the time of the transaction.
The 5% sales tax at Comu d´Encamp - Pas de la Casa-.
Notary fees.
The cost of modifying the electric meter.
There are other, smaller annual taxes for owning properties. These taxes must be paid to the Comú de la Parroquia concerned.